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I think this photo sums us up! Why be normal, ever.  We have homeschooled our children from the very beginning and that has led to a lot of amazing chaos.  We were determined to raise children that we truly enjoyed being around. I think we succeeded!

Our oldest is in school to be an A/C dude and is madly in love with a girl in Mississippi. Our 2nd oldest is a barber and madly in love with a girl in Maryland. Man, my kids love these long distance romances, don't they?  Our 3rd is our artist/baker and she is currently obsessed with training her American Bulldog and taking the show world by storm. She was 5th in the nation with her Olde English Bulldog.  Number 4 has the mind of his dad and loves to learn. He wants to do something in the medical field, like his dad and excels at kindness.  Child #5 and what we thought would be our last, she will dance and leap into the hearts of those around her. She is brave and kind and pretty much the happiest little thing you ever saw.  After #5 we thought our chaos was complete. Then God opened the door for us to adopt and we walked through totally unsure of what God had for us. After a long and painful journey, He had Livey for us. She is 1 year and pretty dang amazing. I would say that we are done, but let's be real - we aren't!  

Raise a child to change the world & he will not be changed by the world.

Capps Chaos

Actually, I am a sticky note kind of gal, but apparently you can't do that on a web-site! So, a list it is...

#1 I speak sarcasm fluently & frequently (my apologies if I have ever hurt your feelings, it was unintentional, I think)

#2 I freaking love glitter, seriously - it makes me so dang happy.

#3 Having 6 children is everything to me, they are my chaos, my heart, my why.

#4 Flip flops are the bomb - also barefoot is great.

#5 Photography is 1 of my many passions (there are several)

#6 My husband will tell you that he is an, “oil digger” as he is married to a PLATINUM with Young Living. Apparently, I am his gravy train! HA! #comingforyadiamond

#7 My love language is glitter - Marc is the glue to my glitter, he takes all my crazy ideas and makes them work or tells me no. It is always a bummer when he tells me no!

 #8 Traveling is totally awesome – recent discovery thanks to Young Living

#9 We were #thejoyof5 but we have successfully adopted and now we are joyfully the #thejoyof6 and she is perfectly amazing. We are starting adoption #2, follow our story on instagram, it is going to be an adventure.

#10 I love people, I love friends, I love hanging out and I LOVE my Jesus!!!!   

i'm a list person

Family Vibe

#1 Movie night, we can ROCK a family movie night 

#2 Random dance parties, necessity of life 

#3 Cooking, the family that cooks together…. Well, you get the idea 

#4 My husband loves dogs, we have3, I love my husband #idontlikedogs 

#5 We are a homeschooling family – #totalchaos 

#6 We live a strange half country, half city life 

#7 Adoption ROCKS, it is hard but man is it amazing 

#8 We love to travel, some of us – the rest of them have to – HA! 

#9 We live to play, our children are very care free & fun 

#10 Above all, numero uno, Christ is the center of everything we do.


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