I saw these on Facebook and knew I had to make them! You can see my first go at it pin Instagram! You can watch a little REEL and enjoy its cuteness HERE! Fun fact about me that you may not know, I was once a chocolate makes, like full on death by chocolate. It […]


October 28, 2020

Make Your Own Hot Cocoa Bombs, Yes Please!

  Can you believe it’s already Fall? This year has been a whirlwind of emotion, but that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating your family and documenting the memories … even the crazy ones. I am planning our family session this year and thought I would share some of what I have learned from being on […]


October 27, 2020

5 Tips To Make Your Family Photos Awesome!

I am always on the look out for stands & just about anything to set my diffusers in to show them off.  This may be one of the coolest things I have found so far and I just had to share it with ya’ll! Marc and I were listening to the radio and they were […]

Essential Oil Fun

October 22, 2020

May the Force be with You…. the Force and Essential Oils!!!!

  You may already know me through my photography or oils business. Or perhaps you are personally part of my chaos. It has been a while (if ever) since I’ve reached out, so I wanted to connect and send you an update. Forgive me for invading your inbox, but you know me – once we […]


October 11, 2020

Amanda Star Photography is getting ZAPPED by awesomeness

  Hello fun in the sun without the burn! Mineral Sunscreen is legit! Happy Summer!  Is anyone else having literally the weirdest Summer ever?  I feel like time is flying and we here at #cappschaos are doing our best to grab it and slow it down.  We have been to the beach more than ever […]

Essential Oil Fun

July 6, 2020

One of my favorite tools in the PS tool box has to be the Patch tool. It was so intimidating for so long, I avoided it like the plague. Finally, I decided to google it and learn it. It has been a much used tool in my tool box ever since. I know that some […]

Photo Shop Training

March 23, 2020

Using the Patch Tool in PS