Even when I had 5 littles and we were on our way to the mission field and had next to nothing, I still held a torch for photography. I have carried it with me since I was like 10. It is a passion, a drive to create and make something beautiful that inspires others. Then I realized i could make some extra money for my family with that passion and you know what, I did it! It was scary and there were times I thought I was nuts but man, to see my work on the walls of my clients, in magazines, winning contests and making people smile, I can’t even explain how amazing that is. Here I am, coming back to that first love once again and in a whole new way.

Stay tuned friends. I am going to be sharing tips & tricks on photography - plus a new adventure with photography that I have wanted to do for a few years now, even before our adoptions. It is for you, the woman who was like me. The woman who wants to step into the light of her talents and dreams and make something beautiful for herself and her family. I want to help you exchange your fear for success - wouldn't that be a beautiful thing.

How to Use Your Phone to Take Great Photos

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